MAPeRR – Multi-parametric Assessment of Policies for Resource Recovery from Waste. The Final meeting?

The third MAPeRR meeting and a lot has been happening since we last met! MAPeRR put together a poster of project findings for the Resource Recovery from Waste (RRfW) conference which was brilliantly organised by Dr Anne P.M. Velenturf in December.  We had a lot of positive comments from other conference attendees and it was great to catch up with one another and discuss our research strategy!


Stopping for Lunch. The MAPeRR Team, From right to left; Eleni Iacovidou, Helen Baxter, John Chachladakis, Kok Siew Ng and Johnathan Bush.

At the last meeting we had decided to split off into two research groups, one focused on completing the qualitative analysis of our case study, using technology being developed by Stopford Energy and Environment, and the other research team completing a life cycle analysis which is the more quantitative analysis. The purpose of this meeting was to integrate these two sets of results and decide upon our strategy for disseminating our findings.

The morning was once again full of lively discussion and debate, as we looked at the findings of each team and decided upon who should write what and how to most effectively communicate our findings. These face to face meetings are a brilliant opportunity for us all to discuss the project and listen to one another’s perspective on what we have found.  It is an excellent way to approach research and the collaborative nature of the project means that we get a really interesting discussion going about, research findings, creating new ideas and ways of approaching the project.  After much intensive brain work we once again retreated for some much needed nourishment at “The Library” to recharge our batteries.

When we returned replenished and recharged we put together a timetable for what we need to achieve in the next couple of months. After that we went our separate ways knowing that we have got some hard work to put in, but feeling that the MAPeRR project has achieved some really interesting findings.  Watch this space to find out we will be up to next!

MAPeRR partners: The Universities of Hull (R3AW), Leeds (C-VORR) and Surrey and Stopford Energy & Environment.

Written by Dr Helen Baxter (R3AW) University of Hull.


MAPeRR – Multi-parametric Assessment of Policies for Resource Recovery from Waste

The second MAPeRR meeting was held at the University of Leeds this Monday and the team were together for the first time since our initial inaugural meeting early in the summer. The first challenge of the day was to find the meeting room the second to work out how to use the coffee machine! Both objectives were achieved.20161010_151440

The first half of the meeting was very intense, each member of the team reporting on what they had achieved over the summer. We each  had produced a report and took the other members of the team through our findings. Questions were asked and we discussed the range of issues that were highlighted in each report. We animatedly talked about the ways in which these key issues related to the MAPeRR case study and how these same problems were relevant for the individual projects which form the NERC programme, Resource Recovery from Waste (RRfW). An initial assessment of what the phases of the project required was decided upon and then mentally exhausted we adjourned for a much-needed lunch. Due to the excellence of the food last time we revisited the same restaurant and were equally impressed. We even managed to sit at the same table! We left satisfied and smelling of charcoal and barbecued food.

Back to work, where we planned in more detail the next phases of the project and the work that each of us will be responsible for. The logistics of arranging when we could all get together again and how the work would be achieved were all thrashed out. We have split into teams each team bringing a range of skills from their own area of specialisation to the MAPeRR project. The next few months are definitely going to be interesting and intense! The mood of the meeting was very optimistic and we are all excited about what MAPeRR can achieve in the time we have left.

As dusk drew in goodbyes were said and we are looking forward to meeting up again at the RRfW annual conference in early December!

MAPeRR partners: The Universities of Hull (R3AW), Leeds (C-VORR) and Surrey and Stopford Energy & Environment.

Written by Dr Helen Baxter (R3AW) University of Hull.