MAPeRR – Multi-parametric Assessment of Policies for Resource Recovery from Waste

AIM: Mapping policies and legislation and their impact on sustainable resource recovery from waste.


The first strategy meeting of MAPeRR took place in Leeds yesterday. This is a six-month collaborative mini project being funded by NERC under their Resource Recovery from Waste (RRfW) initiative. Three universities, Hull (R3AW),  Leeds (C-VORR) and Surrey, are involved as well Stopford Energy & Environment who are collaborating with Lancaster Environment Centre.

Once we all finally the arrived we settled down to working out exactly what it was we want to achieve and how on earth we were going to manage it! We also needed a project name with a catchy acronym. This was going to be no easy matter. Much discussion followed during the morning and we decided that this was going to be very complex job. We managed to make some decisions during the morning, like who was going to take on which responsibilities within MAPeRR (someone has to be in charge of making sure we all get fed).  After such an exhausting morning re-fuelling was required so we all went for lunch to an Italian restaurant which Eleni (working on C-VORR) recommended. This interlude was much needed and the conversation flowed accompanied by good food provided in generous portions!



The afternoon we really got down to the nitty-gritty! Excitement and enthusiasm for MAPeRR was tangible in the room and no one seemed to want to leave at the end of the day, some members of the team having to rush to avoid missing the train! We all now have a busy summer in front of those having allocating work to the individual team members to come see before our next meeting.


Develop an evidence based map that will enable us to identify gaps and interventions between existing policies and waste practices and to ensure sustainability and resilience of resource recovery management practices.


Written by Dr Helen Baxter (R3AW) University of Hull.



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