Project meeting



Today, at the University of Hull, we had our annual meeting to present and discuss project updates. The agenda covered the progress to date, key achievements, programme-level activity (Will Mayes), as well as all the five project work packages updates and plans:

    1. WP1 – Biogeochemical processes controlling metal(loid) release from
      alkaline residues (Andy Hobson, Ian Burke / Doug Stewart)
    2. WP2 – Remediation and recovery: demonstration of metal(loid) recovery and WP3 – Upscaling release and recovery under environmental conditions (Helena Gomes, Mike Rogerson, Will Mayes)
    3. WP4 – Systems analysis: policy frameworks, stakeholder engagement and LCA (Pauline Deutz, Helen Baxter, Amanda Gregory, Jonathan Atkins)
    4. WP5 – Technology transfer – feasibility studies on other alkaline wastes (Andy Bray, Will Mayes)
    5. Mobile laboratory (Mike Rogerson)

Anne Velenturf, Programme Coordinator of the RRfW, was also present.

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