Radio interview for Beyond Zero Emissions, 3CR radio

Dr Helena I. Gomes and Dr Helen Baxter, both postdoctoral research associates of the project, were interviewed by Anthony Daniele and Matthew Grantham for the Beyond Zero radio program. This program focuses on Climate Change Science and Solutions, airs bi-weekly in Melbourne, Australia on 3CR Radio, and is broadcasted via the Community Radio Satellite.

Previous guests on the program include:
Dr David Suzuki
Dr James Hansen – NASA
Prof Martin Green – UNSW
Mr Arnold Goldman – Luz II
Dr David Mills – Ausra
Dr Keith Lovegrove – ANU BigDish

The interview was about the article on vanadium published recently on The Conversation.  Vanadium is the key element used in redox flow batteries which can store large amounts of energy almost indefinitely, perfect for remote wind or solar farms.

Listen the podcast here.


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